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A house is a very important investment. Many people dream of owning their own house. They can use it as their new home or resell it for a profit. As such, it is important to have the right builder to handle any and all construction projects in and around your house. Thus, you should enlist the services of a builder in Hampshire. We are a building company with extensive experience in house building and home improvement projects. We have qualified contractors, architects as well as designers to ensure that our clients are always satisfied.

What we offer our clients
We can successfully conduct building projects in and around your house. These can be part of the original construction of the house or a part of the home improvement process. One of these is construction or refurbishment of siding. Siding is the external wall of the house. It determines how attractive a house looks from the outside. Thus, it must always be in superb condition. Our team of trades can help you to identify the right materials for this part of the house. We also have designers who can help you to choose the right color for the siding of your house. A great siding should be made of strong materials and painted with weather resistant paint. This promotes the beauty and longevity of your siding. At  DB4U builders in Hampshire, we ensure both for our clients.


Ares we cover in Hampshire Aldershot  – Alton  – Andover – Basingstoke – Fareham – Lymington – Portsmouth –Southampton – Winchester


As part of home improvement, you can remodel your rooms. Some of the most commonly remodeled rooms are the kitchen, the bathroom and the lounge. We can help you to choose the right materials for your remodel as well as conduct the remodeling for you. Our design team will help you choose and give you advice on a variety of materials for your flooring, furniture and upholstery. We are skilled in installing plumbing and wiring for our clients. We make use of high quality materials and always satisfy our clients. During the remodel, we ensure that the process is comfortable for our clients. We can conduct the remodel discreetly by making use of screens and muffling devices to control the sounds. Moreover, if you need to use special materials such as bulletproof glass and hardened metals, we can acquire and provide these for you.

Repair and replacement can be a nightmare if handled by an under-qualified contractor. If a house is used often, glass panes may crack or break. Moreover, the finishing can chip and the flooring require refurbishment. We can do all these for you. We have professional installers for parts such as windows, electronics and custom finishing such as chrome or crystal door handles. Repairs and replacements are especially sensitive if they involve windows and panes. This is because if they are improperly installed, they can cause wind drafts that can cost you money on your interior air conditioning bills. Thus, we ensure that every window and window pane installation we do is double checked to ensure that it is leak free.

Why we are your best choice
We are a reliable building builder for all your interior and exterior home development activities. We ensure that we employ only the most qualified technicians to work on your house. In addition to that, we ensure that we get all the required permits for construction. Examples of these are vibration at work permits and noise control permits. We also ensure that during our building process, all the necessary paperwork with local authorities is filled. Not only do we comply with local authorities, we also enlist the services of qualified architects and designers to come up with the right construction plan for each of our clients.

We always assign a project manager for every single building project that we conduct. This manager comes up with the project time-line, budget as well as specific phases. The project manager also delegates the various activities to the specialists on board with the project. Liaising with the engineers, the project manager ensures that the vision of the client is made possible by getting all the necessary resources required. This means that our project managers communicate the client’s vision to the workers so that they know what is expected of them. Having done all these, we ensure that the results are the wishes of our clients.

Our engineers are skilled and experienced in building construction and home improvement and remodeling activities. We make use of quality control measures. These help to ensure that we make use of high quality materials and workers. In addition to this, we prevent any accidents while working by employing preventive measures. We always have fire extinguishers and equip our workers with the best in safety equipment. Also, before beginning a project, we advise our clients on how to live around the construction areas. This prevents them from suffering accidents.

How to hire the right contractor
Finding a reliable building contractor is an important step in any building project. The first in identifying the right builder is asking around from friends and relatives for recommendations. At Design Build 4U most of our business comes as a result of previous customers referring us.

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