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Home Extensions Basingstoke

When it comes to thinking about moving house there are many costs that you have to pay for. Firstly, there is the cost of the survey on the property that you are buying. This, alongside estate agent’s fees and stamp duty can make moving house to be a very expensive activity. It would, in effect, be much cheaper to extend your existing property.
An extension is a very cost effective way of making more space for your home without the expense of moving. Extensions can be obtained for a cost much cheaper than you might expect. The materials used to produce an extension will be made to fit in with the look, and feel, of your current property. In effect, an extension can allow you to gain the benefits of a bigger house without moving home!

Why work with us in Basingstoke?

  • We offer a design service that is known for its quality. We can design any sort of property, or outbuilding, so that you can be sure that the premises will meet your exact specifications.
  • Our service is integrated. This means that the design and building services are linked together.
  • We can therefore offer you a service that brings you premier design with practical construction skills.
  • We work alongside planners and architects to make sure that the building, or extension, is of the finest quality and artistically fits in with your vision.
  • We make sure that we consult with the experts in terms of planning and legal aspects of the work that we carry out.
  • We make sure that we meet building regulations and planning criteria before we start work
Costs of moving house can be prohibitive and can mean that many people decide to stay put. When it comes to the cost of moving your furniture, and other items, from your home, it can be very costly indeed. Most people forget how much property they have accumulated over the years and it can be very expensive to move all of that property to a new location.
An extension means that you can forget about many of these costs. As you will not be moving house, you do not have to pay the costs which are associated with removals. In addition to this, you do not have to go to the trouble of packing your property into boxes which can get lost or even damaged.



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