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What we offer in Surrey
We have designed our services to offer a one stop shop for your design and building needs.We offer all types of building and design projects, from the bespoke to ‘off the shelf’ designswhich can be adapted to fit your needs.
In terms of extending an existing property, we offer a range of ways to add value to your building. One of our most popular extensions to a property is to build upwards into the loft, but we can also offer other varieties of extension. We are seeing increased customer demand for garage extensions, and other types of extensions, using existing buildings and outbuildings. If you wish to build onto the house, or other property, we can add floor space to your kitchen or bathroom.

We are also proud of our range of building conversions. Whether it is a barn, or other kind of outbuilding, that you wish to convert into living accommodation, or even into a gym or swimming pool, we offer a range of services that can convert your accommodation into a beautiful new living, working or recreation area. We can design a conversion around your own needs and requirements, adding new features for beauty and function.
Even if you do not wish to extend or covert an existing project, we also can design and build for smaller projects. Some clients are looking to add features to an existing room, to divide and partition rooms, or to merge two rooms into one. By carefully designing the project before we start, we can make the project fit in with the look and feel of your current property.

Our small building projects also extend to the exterior of the property, where we can add design features so that you can enjoy your home – inside and out.
For the truly adventurous, we also offer new builds where our team of designers work with architects to realise your residential, or commercial, vision. We can deal with all parts of the design and building process and offer our clients a complete service, from their original vision to the full fitting of a property. We guarantee to give you a timescale for completion, and a fully comprehensive quote, so that you are certain of the time scale and the price from the start.

Why choose us in Surrey?
When it comes to building and design services it is best to choose a co-ordinated service. Some companies offer purely design services, whereas others offer only building services. The problem with this approach is that there may be some misunderstandings between the two companies when it comes to carrying out your work.

For example, the builders may not understand what the designer’s objectives were for your building. Conversely, the designers
may not really understand what is practicable in a competitive building environment, where clients may value cost. The advantage of our service is that we bring design and building together in one service, offering a complete approach to your building project, from the initial vision through to completion.

Areas we cover in Surrey – Epsom – Esher – Guildford  – Horsley  –Leatherhead  – Staines  – Sunbury  – Walton on Thames  – Weybridge – Woking – Cobham

As well as offering a fully comprehensive design and building service, we also conduct work of the highest quality. Some design and building companies will promise the earth, but deliver little when it comes to their actual conduct during the project. They use traditional designs without modern features, unskilled builders, poor quality materials and do not check the reliability of the finished building work. Tragically, some builders do not even fully check planning permission and building regulations, particularly those who may turn up at your door unannounced with an ‘offer’ to provide building work for you!


We guarantee that our service will be the polar opposite. Our service will be comprehensively compliant with planning permission, and other building regulations. We will make sure that we use the best quality materials, and employ skilled builders and craftspeople in the conduct of our work. At the end of the project, we will make sure that you are fully satisfied with your design project, and check the quality of this project thoroughly.

As we offer a fully comprehensive design service at the start of the project, this means that you do not have to settle for a standard design when it comes to your building work. Of course, we do have a range of standard solutions which we can offer to you at a very competitive price, but many of our clients like to make use of our designers when they are ordering a project from us. We are able to tweak our standard solutions to add fixtures and fittings to your requirements, and to adapt materials to fit in with the current appearance of your property.


Whether you want to use a variety of woods or metals in your extension or conversion, or to add particular types of windows, you are able to work with our designers in partnership so that your needs are met.

Picking a trusted builder in Surrey
When it comes to building work, trust is of paramount importance. When you put your property into the hands of a builder you are giving them a great deal of power. You will want to be sure that the builder you are choosing is one that has your full confidence, but how should you pick a trusted builder?

Firstly, you should be certain that the builder that you choose has an excellent understanding of the full building process. That includes design, legal and architectural criteria. As we are a complete design and building service, with full compliance with planning permissions and building regulations, you can be sure that we are trustworthy in terms of the complete project – not just in one aspect of it.

Secondly, you need to trust that the builder has the experience to take on the work that is required of them. Some builders will replicate the same solution for every property, which will not fit in with its character. However, we offer adaptive design and building projects which will be sure to fit in with the requirements that you have for your house.

Finally, you need to see examples of the work that they have carried out. We are proud to show you our projects. Why not call us today – you will find that we will be your trusted designers and builders for many years to come.


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Good Service

The day we decided to renovate our house we were ready for the bomb to be dropped on us by the constructed company on the estimated amount that we had to spend on redoing our house into our dream home. But we were pleasantly surprised when the amount was within our budget. And now we can hold as many parties as we want to show off our dream house. Thank you Design Build 4 U.

– Luke

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