Loft Conversions

Why a loft conversion?

When it comes to adding value to your home, the most economical and quickest way to do it is to fit a loft extension. Loft extensions make use of this typically underused area of your house to add extra space at the top of the building. Loft extensions may be added to the house for various reasons.

One purpose of a loft extension is to add an extra bedroom to the house, which may be desired if you have a growing family or if you are parents who want to have some peace from the children! Aside from bedroom space, a loft extension can also be used as a games room, or hobby room, and some people have used them for increased storage, or laundry, space. Whatever the reason that you want a loft extension, you will find that you have made a wise investment.

The beauty of loft extensions is that they usually do not require significant alterations to be made to the property. As you are effectively using space that is already there, you do not have to cope with extensive refurbishment work.

Loft extensions are also very energy efficient. As they are at the top of the house, they are a good way to trap excess heat which would otherwise be dispersed through the roof of the building. Loft extensions can also add to the external appearance of the house, by adding external windows.

Types of loft conversion

There are many different types of loft extension to suit every budget. At the bottom end of the market, a very simple extension may involve fitting flooring and structural supports so that you have extra space, with perhaps a single external window.

At the upper end of the market, our loft extensions feature several external windows, which can be featured windows, as well as structural alterations to the inside of the loft. For example, we can fit a split-floor loft to bigger properties, or barns, which effectively gives you extra space for a bigger bedroom. We can also build en-suite loft conversions if you want to use this room as a master bedroom, or for rental purposes.

In terms of access to the loft conversion, we can fit a number of different types of stairs. Depending on the size of the landing, and other structural requirements, it may be possible to fit a free standing, or a spiral, staircase which will complement the loft extension perfectly. Where space is tight, we have a number of solutions in terms of providing stairs and other access arrangements.


Designbuild4U for your loft conversion

Where builders fail to plan for a loft conversion it is usually in the area of planning permission and building regulations. We have even seen some loft extensions that have had to be removed as the builders have failed to gain planning permission for the extension. This oversight is one which we never suffer from. We always make sure that we have the correct planning permission for your loft extension and we also make sure that you have fully approved our detailed plans before we commence work.

We like to involve our customers in all stages of the design process. When it comes to choosing your loft extension, we have a number of plans which you can choose from. However, many of our customers like to suggest bespoke features and fittings for their new space.

Our designers will be able to consider these requirements and make sure that, in most cases, they can be added to your extension. Naturally, we will make sure that every detail of our work is conducted to the highest professional standard.

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