Pre / Post 1900 Buildings

No matter how old, or new, your property is it may need some conversion and extension work. If a property is built around the turn of the last century, or a little later, it is very likely that before conducting work on the property that it will need planning permission and your builder will certainly need to follow the appropriate building regulations. Because of their age, and general condition such properties frequently experience problems of excess moisture – in other words damp. There may also be problems with air flow in the property which can create a stuffy, unventilated property.

Such buildings are frequently in need of reconditioning and refurbishment. Poor maintenance over a period of time, by previous owners, may mean that water or electrical supplies are in some state of disrepair. When it comes to an extension, or conversion, to your property you will need to deal with these defects as a standard part of the work. We employ expert designers, and builders, in this area who can not only correct existing defects to your building but also have the experience required to install new systems, of the most modern specifications. The new extension, or conversion, can then serve as a means to update the whole design of your property, subject to planning restrictions.

Fortunately, buildings of this period have many advantages which outweigh these drawbacks when it comes to a building extension or conversion. Many properties of this period may have extensive land, or gardens, attached to them which can be used to extend the property outwards. Although not every property of this period has a garage, sheds and outbuildings can be converted into new buildings to provide you with work or leisure space.

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